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Billing Services Dedicated to Home Health

Peace of mind and simplified administration begin here.

Cloud Billing Inc | Medicare billing and consulting service

Cloud Billing Inc

We are a Medicare billing and consulting service specializing in home health. With more than 20 years of Medicare billing experience in these specialized fields, we can provide the tailored, knowledgeable service your unique agency needs to minimize expense, maximize revenue, and simplify one of your most troublesome administrative tasks.

Cloud Billing Inc | Medicare billing and consulting service

All-In-One Service

Savings: Outsourcing your billing tasks to Cloud Billing Inc often costs half compared to performing the same tasks in-house.

Knowledge: Receive monthly reports showing how much revenue you have receivable, collected, and pending, as well as other important data.

Convenience: Never be forced to recruit or train billing staff again.

Thoroughness: We track the progress of each bill, not just waiting for feedback from Medicare. We investigate and help resolve every delayed claim.

Expertise: Billing for home health is all Cloud Billing Inc does. Our focus and expertise can raise the level of your billing.

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 

Complete Billing Service

Revenue Recovery



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Cloud Billing Inc | Medicare billing and consulting service

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